Munchkin Kitten Training to Walk on a Leash

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Things Milo uses:
1. The best way to clean up cat floof (
2. The only cat toy he never gets tired of (
3. Cat snacks he goes crazy for (
4. How Milo keeps looking fabulous:
• Comb (
• Matt remover (
• Shampoo (
• Conditioning spray (
• Nail Clippers (
• Teeth (
5. Durable & comfy cat carrier for trips (
6. What Milo eats to stay healthy (


Milo the Munchkin Cat is our beloved pet. Ever since he was a tiny little kitten, he has made us laugh and enriched our lives because he’s a loving, cute, and funny cat. We try to share some of these cute and funny moments with different videos and compilations to both entertain and educate. Hope you enjoy and laugh along with us! 🙂


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