My First Ever Q&A

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Hello YouTube Friends, let’s play a drinking game every time I say “basically” you take a shot *dies* but seriously guys.. thanks for all the questions 🙂 there will be more of these in the future leave comments and questions below, luv u all 2 death and beyond 😀

Link to Big Cat Rescue:



Tyler Spieth says:

Go to burning man and bring a pole with a ton of lights on your wardrobe so
we can watch you on ecstasy??

Xmoonchild says:

I can’t take how amazing you are. Haha <3 I love you so much!?

Julianna Meacheam says:

Would you rather be yourself and live modestly, or be someone else and live
PS: I’m so gay for you.?

Allissa Nicodemo says:

Yay you answered my question! 🙂 I should have also mentioned that your
hair looks awesome either way?

Mikayla Durkin says:

dang.. my question wasnt answered its ok tho :)?

Mohamed K says:

Your awsome! I really like your personality. Much love from Cali. 🙂 ?

EXKMN okelxsjk says:

god damn you’re so cute ?

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