Nebelung Cat and Kittens | History of the Nebelung Cat Breed

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The Nebelung cat is slight, smooth-spoken, and mild. Nebelung Cat is generally reserved around strangers, ranging from hiding-beneath-the-mattress timid to warily eyeing intruders from a secure distance. To their own family, #NebelungCat is like Russian blues, affectionate and playful despite the fact that no longer intrusive. See more details Subscribe this Channel:

Given humans unpredictable behavior, this can be interpreted as a sign of extreme intelligence. They have a tendency to bond with a select few humans and stay loving and committed for the duration of their lives.

Nebelung Cat Breed Traits:
The number one distinction in conformation between the Nebelung cat and the Russian blue cat is coat period; otherwise, the requirements are nearly equal. While the Russian blue’s coat is brief and dense, the Nebelung cat fur is medium-lengthy, silky, and possesses a dense undercoat.

The intense blue shade is contrasted with silver-tipped shield hairs and consequently, the coat catches the mild, giving the fur a luminous, misty pleasant. Regardless of a dense undercoat that makes the coat stand away from the frame, the fur resists matting and does properly with an amazing once-a-week brushing.

Even though eyes with no inexperienced are penalized, kittens may have yellow eyes that deepen to inexperienced because the cats mature. By using 4 months, an inexperienced ring ought to have regarded around the scholar.

History of the Nebelung cat:
The Nebelung cat is the longhaired style of the Russian blue. The name is German and method “creature of the mist,” a reference to the cat’s shimmering silver-blue coat that seems to float over his frame. The breed became developed via corn cobb off the Nebel Heim cattery.

Cobb changed into stimulated by way of a kitten named Siegfried, the best longhaired blue kitten in a litter fathered with the aid of a longhaired black cat and born to a black domestic shorthair named Elsa. A 2d middle produced a girl longhaired blue kitten that cobb named Brunhilde. Siegfried and Brunhilde have become the muse of new breeding software and produced their first litter in 1986.

The Russian blues so carried the gene for lengthy hair have been imported from Eastern Europe inside the overdue Nineteen Eighties and contributed to the development of the breed. The international cat affiliation gave the cats new breed reputation in 1987 and complete popularity in 1997. Nebelung cat may be outcrossed to Russian blues. The Nebelung cat is also diagnosed with the aid of the cat fancier’s federation and the conventional cat association.


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