Nebelung Cat / Cat Breed

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The breed was created by Cora Cobb who owned the Nebelheim Cattery. In 1984 she received the litter from the romance between a longhaired black male and a black domestic shorthaired female named Elsa. One of their offspring was born with a fascinatingly beautiful long blue coat. Cobb was absolutely stunned by this fact and decided to breed more cats with this prominent feature. She gave this male kitten the name Siegfried. The second litter gave a female kitten with long and silky long coat, which was named Brunhilde. Siegfried and Brunhilde served as the foundation of development of a new breed and were crossed in 1986.
Russian Blue cats, which were the carriers of the longhair gene, were brought from Eastern Europe in the late 80s of XX. They were included in the breeding program of the Nebelung and helped to ensure sufficient variety of its gene pool. The International Cat Association granted it the status of the New Breed in 1987 and fully recognised this cat in 1997. It’s acceptable to outcross its specimen to the Russian Blue. The Nebelung also has recognition of the Cat Fanciers Federation and the Traditional Cat Association.


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