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The Kitten Connection™ Video Series brought to you by Purina® Kitten Chow®


Petmate Cat Toys


Totally Spies says:

Today I just got a kitten?

Ella Mulhall says:

Love da video! ?????

Saffa Arif says:

Im getting a kitten just like that ??

johny bigdog says:

we might be getting a KITTEN (9 weeks old or maybe depends when we get him)
this helped allot thx subscribed and liked?

Marinna says:


BigJSquables says:

man karen be lookin good

XxxxangerxxxX says:

ty i needed to know and couldnt find a vid oin it i will subscribe to you

DanielleGlez says:

I think she isn’t lip reading, probably the audio didn’t started at the
same time as the video…

1goldenminecraft says:

I made a box where it can sleep eat and do his buisnes is that okay?

Tad says:

was this translated or something?

Dreamloverlambi1 says:

has she looked at the ingredients purina kitten chow its like the worst dry
food for cats lol

winxfan10000 says:

what’s up with the sound lol???

Wazazz100 says:

Is she lip reading this because in the other vid it looked like she was lip

Musical Theatre says:

Lip reading! but the video helps thx

bobsam31 says:


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