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Domingo Gonzalez says:

I will name of the name is on my home she has been the case ?

Milly Moo says:

Candy cane?

RoyalChammy says:

They got a new cat?!?!! 
Yeah I'm super late, catching up on vlogs lol?

Julianne Moore says:

? ????? N??? ??? ??N?Y?

Gordon Krueger says:

I think you should call her Punkin


Afsoon Peymani says:

wow she has experienced washing cats . if I was her and the cat scratched me I would give up and I would be scared that its ganna bite me.?

Jamie Wood says:

I found a kitten in the middle of the street so I took her home and took care of her?

samantha kist says:

Sorry kitty?

Le Kre says:

What a beautiful little kitty girl. You guys are awesome for showing her such love and care.  Glad she found a home.?

Bubbly Productions says:

my sisters and I found a two week old kitten once we named him Milo and hes two years old now owo?

Emily Angelo says:

you should call her candycorn the new cat?

Serena Wong says:

What about Brownie for the kitten?

Anthony Camilleri says:

Name her cookie kiss?

Alexis Sappington says:

U should name her pumpkin because my mom when she was little she had a cat named pumpkin?

ArmyGirl Plays says:

You probably wont read this cause this a yr ago and all but Jesse you did a good thing you and Jeana both Jeana was brave the kitty was saved?

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