Newborn Kitten Care

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First steps in caring for newborn, orphaned kittens.


Bunny Bear says:


simarvld says:

I am currently a mother of two toddlers and 5 newborn kittens because the
queen is recovering from surgery! At first I was clueless about how to feed
the kittens but now day 5 of life and they’re doing well. I weigh them
everyday and hope they grow healthy and happy until the queen is home! 🙂 ?

Dante says:

At 4.06 I thought for a moment that the kittens were being put in the
washing-machine. Doh!?

BL08MAIN says:


Irene Afrina says:

I have one kitten name Snowy. I’m just the one who can hold and carry it.
She is so cute?

Madison Timmerman says:

Our cat just gave birth about 2 hours ago and there is 4 kittens!!!?

Ashley Truong says:

where do you buy that bottle??

sharath iGuy says:

How often you shoul feed a kitten about 3 to 3.5 weeks old? & should fill
the syringe full??

Joseph Schonwit says:

Yesterday we found an abandoned newborn kitten in our backyard shed. We’ve
been seeing a cat in the yard recently, and I figured I would just leave
the baby there for the mom to come get it, but she never did. The tempature
is going below 30 tonight and I couldn’t leave it out there. I ran to the
pet store and bought some newborn kitten formula and some tiny baby
bottles. I warmed the baby up a bit and fed him some food, which he started
to drink once he realized what it was. I’m not really sure how much to feed
him, or weather or not I should leave him on a heating pad or not. I was
able to rub his butt with a towel until he peed, but he didn’t go #2 yet. I
could use some advice on feeding amounts, and what to do with him while
he’s not eating. Do i just leave him in the box? Thanks in advance =)?

JhopeArmy says:

hi, i’m new to all these things. what kind of milk should i give to the
newborn kitten? ?

Syairah Khamis says:

is that yellow thing at 6:03 kitten poop or a discharge.?

sean bevan says:

did all the kittens make it?

TimeNeverSleeps1090 says:

Please help! My cat gave birth on Feb 17, so the kittens are now 5 days
old. One of the kittens is not strong. When she was born she had to gasp
for air and the mother cat didn’t clean her properly but cared for the
other kittens instead. It seemed she had sensed something wrong. Early this
morning I found the weak kitten lying alone and cold. She’s now breathing
heavily and refuse to nurse. I couldn’t take her to the vet because there
isn’t any. I’m thinking of giving her amoxicillin or some antibiotics.
Would it help? Is there anything I can do for her? It hurts seeing her like

Jennifer Illustrisimo says:

thanks for showing this. I just happen to rescue 2 infant babies not less
than 5 days the owner had throw them up so i took care of them. I hope they
will live?

??? says:

I like this video! :)?

Bella McCluskey says:

The kitten at the beginning was hungry?

msjanegrey says:

this reminds me of my time with a (human) baby. milk, laundry, diapers,
milk, laundry, diapers, milk, laundry, etc?

Phineas Lynn says:

I know this may seem off topic but it’s really concerning me and my family.
Do cats tend to leave home to give birth? My cat, sammitch is the first
female cat we’ve taken care of so we’re pretty much clueless. She was
pretty late in her pregnancy when she just vanished. I haven’t seen her for
two and a half days. Is this a big issue. She’s very important to my family
so please if anyone has anything to say give me your advice! (There is no
veterinary clinic where i live) I’m worried :(?

Yasmeen Hannani says:

The kittens look just like my newborn kitten at home .. and today it was 2
days old?

Michelle Yosha says:

I have a serious question this morning we found a kitten in the hallway
mother must have gave birth last night or today it was dry but mother is
ignoring it some n I have no idea what to do..mother was abandoned 2 weeks
ago …?

MelnStarscream says:

Aw Itsy Bitsy teeny weeny little kitties! :D?

mara182427 says:

When I was about 12 years old, I found 2 newborn kittens in a bag inside a
bin in Bulgaria, only one was alive. I took it out and brought it straight
to vet straight and they weren’t too bothered (there are lots of stray
animals in Bulgaria). They gave me a recipe to make my own milk and I tried
to do everything to my best ability but as I was only young and couldn’t
get anybody to help or care, it wasn’t enough. :(((( I didn’t know where to
keep the kitten so I wrapped it in a blanket and hid it in a backpack in my
grandmother’s garden shed because she hates cats and if it was inside she
would hear it and she would tell me to throw it out. Then when I realised
it had rained the morning after I felt sick with dread, I ran to check up
on it and it was wet and cold barely moving, it died the next day event
though I tried my best. I still love cats and I’m still a bit traumatized.

Tri imam prasetyo says:

what milk did you give him ??

elaa ben gara says:

i found 6 motherless newborn kittens next of our house, i never had one
before i have no idea how to take care of them, i only bottle feed them and
put them in a safe box and covered them so they feel warm. I checked on
them and they were dirty,i didn’t know that i have to rub their tummy after
feeding them..but i noticed that they peed already without my help,i hope
it’s a good sign,but now they are dirty 🙁 i changed the box but i had no
idea how to clean them..I don’t know if they’ll make it till tomorrow, what
should i do?? i wanna clean them but i don’t know how?! ?

RoRo4mIraq says:

I wish I had seen this video 5 years ago. A stray cat near by had given
birth to 3 healthy kittens but she was ran over by a careless driver about
a week later. I did all | could to save them but they died 10 days later. I
still cry over them today. I hope they can forgive me :'(?

Jieha Muhd says:

can you help meone of my 3 days old kitten suddenly when weak, liquid comin
out of its mouth and …. i search the enternet and i think the kitty got
liquid in its lung…..flu?? any help!!? cold probably??! im feeling sadddd

Ninh nguyen van says:

so kute i very like kittens?

Baek Jaeun says:

OMG my cat just gave birth a few hours ago and now there are 6 of them
including the mom cat?

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