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Norwegian Forest Cat – Well, if you looking out for a fluffy, well-muscled cat entertainer for your home, Get a Norwegian Forest Cat! A popular breed of Norway and Sweden, the large Norwegian Forest Cat enjoys the company of pets and human companion.

Norwegian Forest Cat History – A native of Norway, this breed has Black and White short-hair cats as ancestors. It is believed that these cats have been brought to Norway from Great Britain after 1000 AD.

Norwegian Forest Cat Appearance

The Norwegian Forest Cat has some resemblance to the semi-longhaired cat, the Maine Coon.
It also resembles some random-bred longhaired cats.
But, the Norwegian Forest Cat gives you the striking expression with its large, almond-shaped eyes.
Its equilateral triangle-shaped head contributes to the unique appearance of this breed.
Norwegian forest cat may have gold, copper, or green eyes.

Norwegian Forest Cat Coat

This breed is notable for its thick, pretty double coat. The uniqueness of its coat is waterproof resistant nature. So, this cat can withstand the cold climates. The coat texture also matches the Scandinavian environment. The undercoat is long, dense but having coarse hairs. And, the coat varies in length.

Norwegian Forest Cat Coat Colors

The cot is long and flowing on the body, but it changes with seasons. And, the Norwegian Forest Cats comes in various colors from pure white to coal black. But, most of them are having brown and white coats. This cat comes in different coat patterns, too!

Norwegian Forest Cat Size

This breed is large. This cat stands around 12 to 18 inches. Regarding weight, male Norwegian Forest cats weigh more than the females. Males weigh around 10 to 16 pounds and the females weigh between 8 and 12 pounds!

Norwegian Forest Cat Lifespan

This cat is generally healthy and has a long life span. It lives for about 14 to 16 years with healthy and proper care. They may fall at the hurdle on the clean bill with the genetic health issues like Glycogen storage disease and heart disease.

Norwegian Forest Cat Personality

Even with the name “forest cat,” this breed’s temperament is soft though. This cat has a sweet personality and is a loving companion.. It loves everyone in your family and follows its owner around wherever he goes. This breed adapts to survive the cold weather in Norway. Norwegian forest cat is vocal, but it will talk to you by chirping or meowing.

Norwegian Forest Cat Grooming

Norwegian Forest Cats are heavy shedders. They shed a couple of times (spring and winter) in a year. And, its coat tends to form matt or tangles. So, it requires regular brushing. Keeping its teeth clean is also equally important to prevent periodontal disease.

Norwegian Forest Cat Food

This cat breed requires a balanced and complete food formulated for its size and activity levels. It needs a high-protein diet that has more meat content.

Norwegian Forest Cat Facts

A Norwegian fairy tale states that the Norse goddess Freya’s chariot was pulled by these giant cats in six numbers.

Norwegian Forest Cat Names
Names such as Freya, Odin, etc. can well suit your feline.

For a male cat, you can choose from names like:
Ander, Blaze, Cinderfur, Destin, Ester, Flame, Frode, Magnus, Maple, Romeo.

For a female Norwegian Forest Cat, you can choose from names like:
Eira, Eva, Lena, Lexi, Mina, Nava, Poppy, Regina, Sadie, Sienna.

Norwegian Forest Cat Health Issues

Generally, this breed is healthy. But, you can notice a few health issues like Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Retinal dysplasia, Polycystic kidney disease, and Hip dysplasia in them.

Norwegian Forest Cat Price

It will cost around $600 to $1200 in the United States of America.
You can get in the range of £500 to £650 in the United Kingdom.


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