Orphan Kitten finds worm cuddle by a dog after her mother rejected her

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Orphan Kitten finds worm cuddle by a dog after her mother rejected her.

Its lchimi the adorable kitten.

Ichimi was rejected by her mother.

Its Ponzu the golden retriever .

Ponzu and his owner Jessiepon took her in and have begun nursing her back to full health.

Ichimi has taken very well to her guardian Ponzu – the two play together all the time.

Ponzu even cleans and sleeps together with Ichimi.

Judging by the pictures on Jessiepon’s Instagram account.

Ichimi is growing stronger by the day.

Ichimi has provided Ponzu a much-needed respite from his heartbreak after Wasabi died.

Wasabi a kitten that Ponzu and Jessiepon rescued from a crow attack.

Now, Ponzu has a new kitten to care for.

this relationships aren’t very rare at all.

beautiful animal friendships shows us that animals of all colors shapes and sizes can get along.

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