Orphaned Kitten Care: How to Videos – How to Bottle Feed an Orphaned Kitten

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How do you get a kitten to drink from a bottle? How often should you feed him? How do you know if the nipple flow is too fast or too slow? Get a step-by-step guide to doing it right in this short video. For more information about this and other videos about orphaned kitten care, please visit http://www.maddiesfund.org/Maddies_Institute/Videos/Orphaned_Kitten_Care_How_to.html


Teresa Simpson says:

Thank you; I really needed to know this information as I just became a
unexpected foster mom tonight and was wondering if I was feeding the baby

saltysardines69 says:

The already mixed kmr gave my 2 week old orphan kitten the runs so I had to
water it down a little and rushed them to the vet Thank God it was Just the
food change from mother milk to nothing at all and now to formula. ?

Honey Ripple says:

Your videos are really informative. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work!?

Ayten Hulusi says:

I have 5 orphaned kittens and some has developed diarrhea. I have deduced
the amount I feed them. I believe they are about 3-4 weeks. I give them
water too because of the diarrhea. What else can I do? ?

amber gosden says:

+Missy Emrich Apparently you place them over your chest and should like a
normal baby and gently pat their back until they burp ?

Mohd Firza says:

Thanks for the guide. :)?

dreamgirl02 says:

this helped a lot thank you?

Dane Smith says:

Great information. Wish I had seen this when I had an orphaned kitten. I
tried but unfortunately gave it up dallas animal control. I would hope that
they now have her up for adoption?

Kerryn Rudolph says:

kitten burrito! ?

Missy Emrich says:

I’ve just taken on bottle feeding 4 kittens. I knew to stimulate them after
feeding, but how do you burp a kitten? Thanks for the video.

fetishfish says:

brilliant, thank you x

Tajnae Harris says:

I Don’t Get How To Burp The Kitten Make It In One Of Your Videos

mrswhitelily2000 says:

thank you so much for the info, we really need it

Lynne Fridley says:

Just hold them upright and gently rub their back (don’t need to pat).
Essentially you are just give the bubbles they may have consumed time to
collect into a big enough bubble to expel up their esophagus and out.

Marie Farrell says:

Thank you so much! This was very well done. I’m worried that my 3 week old
kittens are not eating enough. They do eat a bit of kitten food from my
finger tips but they really have no interest in the bottle. I think maybe
it’s not warm enough. I like the burrito idea! I need to find a scale to
weigh them, but I’m guessing 10oz based on age. Thanks again!

Michele Ladd says:


sabrinairdina1 says:

Great info

Missy Emrich says:


Travis C says:

Thats too much work. Just give the milk through IV with the syringe

Rosyadii Rosman says:

Ty,now i know how to feed my kitten 😉

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