Orphaned Kitten Care: How to Videos – How to Stimulate an Orphaned Kitten to Urinate and Defecate

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Mother cats take care of stimulating their kittens to urinate and defecate, but kittens without mothers need help. This step-by-step guide can get any human up to feline mother standards in no time, and provides guidance on what to do if problems arise. For more information about this and other videos about orphaned kitten care, please visit http://www.maddiesfund.org/Maddies_Institute/Videos/Orphaned_Kitten_Care_How_to.html


Maddie's Institute says:

One other thing – – as soon as the kitten is urinating on her own she
shouldn’t need stimulating to help her defecate or urinate. This happens
around 4 weeks of age. If she is not appreciating your assistance that may
be a sign that she doesn’t need to go or she doesn’t need stimulating
anymore. Best of luck!!?

Maddie's Institute says:

The first most important thing to look at is if the kitten is active,
playful and has a good appetite. Constipated animals will tend to eat
little and be less active. At 5 weeks you should be transitioning her to
solid food. If she is only on KMR she may not be getting enough nutrition
to have any “left over” to defecate for her calorific needs. If she is on
a solid food and she is active, playful and eating well, then you can add a
little fiber to her diet (such as a little puree pumpkin – no more than a
teaspoon/feeding). You can also water down canned food to make sure she is
getting enough fluids. If she is not as playful and not eating well then
she should be examined by a veterinarian to make sure she isn’t dehydrated,
constipated or sick. I hope this helps!?

sweetstace18 says:

My kitten wont poop and wiggles around alot wen i try. Shes peed alot for
me i found her and her sister tuesday night started feeeding wensday. No
poop yet. Should i be worried?

Frank says:

Thanks, that hopefully saved the life of an abandoned kitten.?

SheAintGivinqUp160 says:

My 5 week old kitty hasn’t pooped at all . like ever . she drinks her kmr
fine she has a good appetite and pees really good . I’m worried she hasn’t
pooped yet .. She doesn’t like the damp cloth on her behind .. I want the
vet to be the last resort .. Helpppp?

Mikayla Brewer says:

This worked beautifully ?

williamwazere says:

Very helpful, just got a 2 week old (guessing, looks about that from
development reference pictures I found). She was in the engine of a
friends car and avoided being mashed somehow. Her names temporarily ‘Lucky’
for that reason.

Running around the last hour trying to get her warm and just bought a
syringe to feed. Pet shop lady said to look this procedure up as it’s
important so thank you for the concise video.?

Jack Ofalltrades says:

Neighbor found 3 abandoned kittens today less then a week old. They are in
a box with food and water but will not eat or drink. Cat food was placed
on a small dish but they will not eat it. This morning they were crying
loudly but have gotten quiet and are not moving as much. Nobody has
touched them since putting them in the box and the box is in a warm room.
He does not know what to do. We saw videos about bottle feeding but he
decided not to do that because he does not want to touch them. Nobody else
does either and we are trying to find a way to make them eat the normal

WNxJugXgerXnaut29 says:

Hey, I have a kitten who is 5 weeks old and he is currently constipated and
the only vet in town wants an arm and a leg to see him. He is from a recent
litter my female just had and he was born with no tail. He has a big bulge
at his rear end and I am currently trying to help him poop. HELP?

Danielle Perkins says:

I found this on a google search. I got an orphaned kitten 2 weeks ago
yesterday. When I got her she seemed to be only 2-3 days old and that was
pretty much confirmed when about 4 days later her eyes opened. I have been
bottle feeding her kitten formula of course. I’ve been stimulating her from
the start to help her urinate. During the last 2 weeks she had pooped once
and it was just a small pasty ball, tha was about a week ago. Then maybe 3
days ago I woke up and found that she’d pooped a lot all over her box. Do
you think that means that she can poop on her own now? Also I was googling
this because I was concerned that she wasn’t pooping every day, but now
that I watched this I’m not so worried. But her stomach was really swollen
and I wasn’t sure if it was just because she ate a lot, or if she was
constipated. I feel a lot better after watching this I am not nearly as
worried and her stomach isn’t as big today. So I think she just over ate. I
do have a few questions. During the first week or so I fed her every 2-3
hours most of the time. Everything I read says I should feed her x amount
per day per body weight. I do not have a way to get her weight. I’m
guessing that she is about 2 weeks and 3-4 days old. At this point how
often would you estimate i should be feeding her and how much? I have
fallen in love with her and I want to do right by her. I am so glad that my
neighbor who found her brought her to me. She knew I had cats and that I
would know what to do. And while I for the most part did, I still
researched it more just to make sure I was doing it right. I also have our
momma cat, she is the mother of the other cats we have, they’re all 3-4
years old now. But my point is that from the day I got her, if our cat Tiga
heard her crying she’d come over and I’d put her down in front of her and
she’d give her a bath and even stimulate her to go to the bathroom and
clean it up. She of course cannot nurse her, but she seems to be trying to
help lol. I think it’s cute. But for the most part I do most of it. I did
learn something here about the stimulating, because I didn’t have her on
her back it was more of staight up and down, but now I see the way you had
the cat posititioned and that helps. So if she pooped about 3 days ago I
shouldn’t be so worried quite yet that she hasn’t again? It was a lot but
it was light brown and it was pasty not hard or too runny. I named her Luna
and my husband says I can keep her . Thanks for your info here it helped a
lot. I wish there was a way to show you a picture of her. She’s mostly grey
tabby but she’s got calico markings, which is how I knew she was female
from the get go. also everything I read said to keep her warm but to avoid
over heating. I had this heating pad, the kind you stick in the microwave
with the beans or whatever they are in it. And it just happens to look like
a cat lol. So when I put her to bed I heat it up to the right temp and she
cuddles up with it. I let her sleep with me one night, cuddled up next to
me, and I’m a mother of 4, I know how to sleep without rolling over onto
her, plus I don’t roll anyway. Point though is, that even though she slept
like a rock I got peed on, so that doesn’t fly anymore. She sleeps in a box
right next to my bed. So then one other question I have is should I be
waking her up during the night to feed her? I was wondering about that when
I first got her, because it said every 2 hours. And I did try to get up
with her a few times a night. But for the most part she sleeps through the
night. Should I let her, or should I wake her up a few times a night to
feed her? She seems perfectly healthy and not dehydrated at all. Ok I know
this is a lot of info and questions. Sorry about that. ?

Abby Salgado says:

Hello. I found orphaned kittens about 4 days ago. I have been feeding them
and they have been urinating but I did not know they were supposed to poop.
I think it’s been past 5 or even a week since they’ve popped. They are
about 1 week and a half old maybe 2. Are they going to be okay. I’ve been
trying to make them poop and only one did the others didn’t. What does this
mean?? Someone please help!!?

Artilee Cassin says:

Thankyou! Very helpful. . I found a 2 week old kitten Thursday night it
pooped on its own right away but hasn’t since I was worried maybe it just
doesn’t have to go yet.. ill keep trying thanks!?

sonik1219 says:

Hi, could you help me with this question?
Is it safe to give my cat cooked Pacific Saury? She’s gave birth a few days
ago and the kittens feed on her milk entirely.?

Triplet Trouble says:

Thank you!! have a little orphaned kitten about 2 weeks old and was not
aware this needed to be done!?

MazukiPlays says:

Search the best water in the world got this?

supxali says:

Very helpful video!! Thanks for posting! :)?

AlphaXProject says:

my kitten only peed once?

TimeNeverSleeps1090 says:

Please help! My cat gave birth on Feb 17, so the kittens are now 5 days
old. One of the kittens is not strong. When she was born she had to gasp
for air and the mother cat didn’t clean her properly but cared for the
other kittens instead. It seemed she had sensed something wrong. Early this
morning I found the weak kitten lying alone and cold. She’s now breathing
heavily and refuse to nurse. I couldn’t take her to the vet because there
isn’t any. I’m thinking of giving her amoxicillin or some antibiotics.
Would it help? Is there anything I can do for her? It hurts seeing her like

Satish Koreemun says:

So cute?

Abby Salgado says:

@maddies institute.
It would be great if you could answer my question below. Or anyone. ?

s hypmax says:

How to know whether the kitten wants to pee ?? :/?

Lynne Fridley says:

It is encouraging that the kitten’s attitude and appetite are good, however
four days is a long time not to defecate. In this case you can try 1-2
small drops of mineral oil after a meal until they poop. The poop may be a
little greasy. Be sure and discontinue the mineral oil after they defecate.
We also strongly recommend having the kitten seen by a veterinarian.

popdiva3001 says:

Why was that so cute? I honestly don’t think I’d mind doing that for a baby
kitten! 0^0

Mark Farren says:

Thanks so much I wasn’t sure if I should stimulate my kittens but they are
3 weeks old and their bed is wet so I hope they are ok

Abdul Gafur says:

My 2 and half week kitten hasn’t poop in like 4 days what shall I do? He is
eating well urinating properly and sleeps a lot basically a healthy kitten
from the looks of it.

Ägip Filån says:

thanks a lot

andihern says:

how old is the cat in this video? I have an orphaned cat that looks just
about like this one and I don’t know its age:(

Christie Keith says:

Orphaned kittens under 3 weeks should not have free access to water. They
can’t really drink from a bowl yet and may risk spilling the water causing

girlyouwant says:

hey there maddie’s institute. my newborn kitten is approximately 12 days
old and we just got her 2 days ago and since then she has not defecated.
she has urinated a lot and is eating well but has yet to defecate. also the
kitten has begun to sleep a lot more like 5-6 hrs before she wakes up. is
this normal? I heard it is for those that are 2 weeks old.

Maddie's Institute says:

In this case you can try 1-2 small drops? of mineral oil after a meal until
they poop. Be sure and discontinue the mineral oil after they defecate. We
also strongly recommend having the kitten seen by a veterinarian. The sleep
is fine – when they grow they do tend to sleep for longer and 5-6 hours is

Lynne Fridley says:

The kitten in the video was about 3 to 4 weeks.

suzie q says:

Hey so I got a kitten dumped on me about an hour ago!who will be 5 weeks
old next week,will she still require me to bottle feed and help her poo/wee
?I also have three other cats who have all been spayed/castrated do you
think they may take her on?thanks to anyone that can help!just want to make
sure she’s ok .

Olivia Whited says:

I have orphaned kittens that are just starting to open their eyes. I’ve
lost one for an unknown reason, and now I am a bit worried about another.
His urine today was an orange red color. He seem a bit lethargic more today
than usual, but his appetite is fine. I am wondering what is the reason for
this. Thank you!

nephorafuls says:

take it to the vet or do what is shown

Ingrid Mari says:

Yes, the color needs to be orange, and it should be like toothpaste as for
the texture.

Lynne Fridley says:

A 5 week old kitten should be old enough to eat on its own and
urinate/defecate on its own. I’d recommend watching the weaning orphaned
kitten video.

Jamie Prinsen says:

I think he might have an infection, you could get it checked out by a vet
if you want but I think there is ointment for it. I still recommend bring
it to the vet though. This is very serious though if it’s an infection.

letudownbetch says:

is the kittens poop a brunt orange color ? I’m fostering a baby kitten
about 5 weeks old and his poop is an orange color. Im not sure if its
normal or not.. its not solid poop but more like a pudding color. I need

tightlywound says:

The kittens were cute but I really wish you hadn’t used ‘toothpaste
consistency’ to describe the defecation, I know that’s the first thing
that’s going to pop into my head when I brush my teeth tonight.

Christie Keith says:

All their fluid requirements should be met by the formula they are fed. As
the kitten is beginning the weaning process, free choice water can be
provided in a small bowl that is difficult to spill. Until the kitten is
starting to show signs of eliminating on its own (wet spots on their
bedding) they need to be stimulated after every feeding. They start to
eliminate on their own around 3-4 weeks. I hope this helps!!

deadstillcurious says:

Should kittens be given constant access to water? And if so is elimination
still only necessary after every feeding?

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