Our “Persian Cat” Fountain Collection, handmade in the USA

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This fountain design was a special request of our Persian cat friends, who’s cats tend to “bathe” in their fountains. The drinking indentations are just large enough to allow the cat to drink – keeping them hydrated. Only their tongues can fit in the indentations keeping their fur clean and dry. The water in the indentations stays at a constant height and is continuously circulated and exchanged with freshly filtered water. We can create these fountains in any size, color and decoration you like. The small fountain has 2, the medium 3 and the large fountain 4 indentations in the lid cover. There are two ways to power the fountain – standard wall plug and with batteries. We also offer a pumpless Persian cat waterer with a 1 liter VioSol bottle as water reservoir.

Here are the details on these awesome fountains:

Materials used:
– All materials (except the pump and sieve – we weren’t able to fine US sources) are made in the USA
– All materials are dinnerware/drinking water safe
– The clay and glazes are certified for dinnerware usage
– The tubes are FDA compliant and used in beverage vending machines
– The filter housing is made of drinking water line parts
– The pump is used in aquariums and beverage vending machines
– The newer sieve is made of SS304 stainless steel used for high end flatware (18-8, cromargan)

– You can chose from a wide range of colors and sizes (from 9 cups to 3 gallon water holding capacity),
– You can chose from a dozen different water spouts or come up with something entirely new
– The bowl and/or lid can have any decoration you want
– Bowl, lid and sieve can be secured so even the most rambunctious cat can’t dismantle the fountain
– You can have an auto refill system, too (it connects to your fridge water line or, alternatively, a hose or water crock)

– There’s a stainless steel sieve with a foam insert in the water backflow area
– The pump has a foam filter behind the inlet grid
– For the third filter, a carbon filter, you can chose a Drinkwell 360 or EBI’s Bio filter (included in the price) or a “Forever Filter” or ceramic holder for Drinkwell flat filters for an upcharge

Visit us at http://ebifountains.com

Whether your kitty has an “attitude” or not, we have the solution! Your custom “Ebi” fountain can be: dismantle-proof for cats who have taken apart every fountain you’ve ever bought, “scoop”-proof for cats who make a waterpark out of other fountains. We do this and much more! Like fountains usable in a moving RV, equipped with battery, battery backup or auto-refill system. Our EBI pet drinking fountains are engineered for health, safety, durability and to be a beautiful addition to your home. And: the “Ebi” Fountain is handcrafted in the USA with certified safe materials. Visit us at http://ebifountains.com


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