Outstanding Orange Kitty Cats Part 2 | Funny Cats Compilation

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Heathcliff, Garfield, Simba, Oliver, Puss in Boots… there are lots of famous orange cats. We all know it and maybe that’s why they make great pets: they’re so easy to name! They’re also ADORABLE and SWEET and FLUFFY. They also have a ton of personality, which makes perfect sense as to why they appear as main alpha characters on TV and movies. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at our newest compilation, OUSTANDING ORANGE KITTY CATS! Be sure to SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS and enjoy!

Who’s your favorite brightly colored furry feline? Is it the one at 2:52 pawing at the toy alligator before leaping away in fear? Or maybe the little one showing off parkour skills at 3:59? Let us know in the comments and BE SURE TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!

Outstanding Orange Kitty Cats Part 2 | Funny Cats Compilation

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