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Watch the tigers, lions and leopards receive their holiday turkey treat at Big Cat Rescue! Every thanksgiving we hand out turkeys and game hens to more than 100 residents at the sanctuary and they love [More]
Please comment, share, like and subscribe: I found this abandoned young female cat in the woods in Warren county. It had tried to slip it’s collar and was bound tightly in it. Collar was [More]
Courtesy Of: Read More: This cat in New York might have a bigger heart than some humans. Meet Scarlett the cat who became a world famous mother in 1996 when she selflessly walked [More]
Being that we are located in Tampa, Fl we all know it gets HOT! Check out how we keep our volunteers and interns cool and our big cats.
Do you want to be a Big Cat Rescue intern? Interns work extremely hard!! Watch and see if you have what it takes to be an intern.
This little boy thinks he is trapped in the furniture. So funny. Esse pequenino pensa que está preso no móvel. Muito engraçado. Subscribe for more videos. Subscreva para mais vídeos.
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Caesar is just protecting mama
She doesn’t understand the mask. Poor kitty.
He’s birthday is 2010/01/09
This is my very beautiful Persian cat Fifi mating with my own tom cat . Fifi is about 16 months old and her second boyfriend ( which you can see in this video ) is [More]
Lexi is helping (or playing) with the duster, haha… Of course, Lacey has to see what is going on and Lexi then becomes her usual annoyed self. Thanks for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe. [More]
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8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Jimmy Carr hosts a new edition of the panel game, with Sean Lock and Liza Tarbuck taking on special guest captain Sarah Millican with Romesh Ranganathan. Susie Dent [More]
So instead of feeding my cat, I hide these balls around the house…More details at / video kucing lucu, kucing lucu, cat (animal), video lucu kucing, funny, video kucing lucu, lucu, kumpulan, ngakak, video kucing, [More] Cat Training 101 This cat training video addresses cat behaviors that are unacceptable and need to be broken. Like teaching your cat to stop scratching the furniture, not to bite, prevent jumping on counters, [More]
Some cats are more easily trained than others.
so i just made this guide to try and help people out, please leave a comment if this helped out!
Why hello there. I’m Jess and in this video I show you how to make 3 different cat toys. Purposes can be: -For personal use -For donation to a shelter -A gift to your friend’s [More]
Wear your kitten out with these simple homemade cat toy ideas. All three toys were made out of things we had around the house, are non-toxic and cost way less than any plastic toy in [More]
Exotic Shorthair Cat Personality and Breed Traits
Sorry for the video quality… Sorry for the music… we do the best we can do… DO MORE THAN JUST WATCH !!!
A tribute to Libby and her journey from a very ill cat to a beautiful healthy princess. Volunteers from House of Critters Animal Rescue spent $3,000 of their own money on her veterinary bills, most [More]
10/15/2013 L.A. Firefighters from Station 33 rescue a kitten from a storm drain near the intersection of Avalon Boulevard and 82nd Street in South Los Angeles. The kitty could be heard “meowing” for two days [More]
Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom My 4 month old kitten, Missy, attempts a jump but fails. I am the owner of this video.
WATCH THIS !!Really Cute And Funny Video. I took some of the Best Funny and Cute Kitten Videos on Youtube and Made a Montage / Remix of them. and trust me this is Worth A [More] Funny Kitten Videos Funny Kitten Videos Funny Kitten Videos Funny Kitten Videos Funny Kitten Videos Funny Kitten Videos Funny Kitten Videos Funny Kitten Videos Funny Kitten Videos Enjoy more cute cats here: kitten cute [More]
Funny Cute Kittens | Cute Kitten Compilation || New Rate, Share, Comment… Thanx Subscribe: Website: Website: Website: Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for [More]
First half year,Barney Maine Coon
“MAINE COON” MAINE COON Trailer Documentary Sull’origine di questo magnifico gatto esistono diverse teorie; la più veritiera è quella che vede il Maine Coon viaggiatore con commercianti e trafficanti che, nell’Ottocento, facevano scalo sulle Coste [More]
“Kleiner” Maine Coon Kater namens “Söma”(8 Monate alt, 6 kg Kampfgewicht ^^), kämpft gegen einen Jack Russell Rüden (3 Jahre, ebenfalls 6 kg) “Kuka”. Sehr lustig und sehenswert. Viel Spaß beim Anschauen 🙂 Wer hat [More]
2011 Update: Samson was laid to rest in February. He was drooling and couldn’t eat. We took him to the vet who said he had a tumor at the base of his tongue. We had [More]
Love them, listen to them & respect them. In return, they will tell you marvelous stories & make you feel utterly loved.
Lilly and jasper just fall in love first day meeting each other.
Our two rag doll cats, Roxanne & Tifi messing around.
??????????????????????????????????????????????(My Cat Atom likes to pretend hunting. After a long bout with something invisible, he quietly falls in sleep!)
Do you want to check out more ORIGAMI Creatures and Tutorial with step by step paper folding diagram instructions go to =? This Video include paper folding figure instruction diagram. =============================================== Blog : [More]
This cat loves to sleep in the sink. But when somebody disturb him, he would fight back!
How to bathe a Persian cat, getting organized, and cat grooming products and supplies needed.
You think you’re a dog person but, maybe you’re really a cat person. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedViolet videos! MUSIC Music Title Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SFX provided by Audioblocks.  ( Footage [More]
I hope you all enjoy meeting Monty and his friends, Sam and Chance. If you want to see more remember to leave them some love 🙂 —————————————- Don’t forget to Subscribe: Twitter: Instagram: [More]
Cat tells kitten about a problem he’s noticed with the humans. Watch more Dear Kitten: Subscribe to Friskies’ YouTube Channel – Like Friskies on Facebook – Follow Friskies on Twitter – [More]
Cat teaches kitten the gift of massage. Watch more Dear Kitten: Subscribe to Friskies’ YouTube Channel – Like Friskies on Facebook – Follow Friskies on Twitter – Follow Friskies on Instagram [More]
We got a new baby! This little kitten is 12 weeks old and doesn’t have a name yet (he is a boy). As much as we love kittens, we got him specifically for Pinecone, who [More]
Cat explains friendship to kitten. Subscribe to the Friskies YouTube channel for even more cat videos: Watch the original Dear Kitten: Life’s a Game Cats Play Better: For more information, visit [More]
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My kitten Meebo is just 2 months old, I’ve only had him for a week. But he’s smart and already trained to obey a few commands! kitten training for good manners, all about kitten care; visit, sign up for a free mini course and learn about how to choose your kitten’s vet
Valentino is a 4 month old seal point Ragdoll kitten with mitts and a blaze. He likes to explore the great outdoors however being a Ragdoll he needs constant supervision. Before we could venture beyond [More]
Welcome to the Friskies Do-It-Yourself Toy Maker Series! Watch this video to learn how to make a ball that no cat can resist: the irresistiball! You’ll need: – 1 cardboard tube – 1 marker – [More]
In this video i tell three favorite cat jokes of the week and i show you three different toys you could make from the junk laying around your house.It’s not special its just simple ideas [More]
Choosing between good and bad toys for your cat.
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There “werewolf cat” or Lokoi is a new breed of cat with patchy fur, lending to a scrappy, werewolf-like appearance. What about pure-bred, show-winning dogs and cats? These animals were selectively bred by people for [More]
World’s BIGGEST CAT! The LIGER (a LION TIGER cross SUPER-BREED!) Annotation text from video: This liger, named Hercules, is a cross between a male lion and a female tiger. He stands over ten feet tall [More]
“Dancing With The Stars” has changed tons of celebrity lives, but now its actually saved a life! A kitten was rescued by production staff after it crawled into the engine compartment of a car.
These adorable ‘Tudeo’ kittens are looking for homes. They are currently 8 weeks old and will be available in two-three weeks following their second vaccinations. They are all sweet little purry guys who will grow [More]
Recorded by Sara (Little Darling) & is not affiliated with TK, Shelly or LAPS in any way. I capture vids so others can see it when they have time. I also run the Little Darling [More]
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Follow DrNworb’s KitsCats on Facebook! Our VOKRA foster kittens having a fun time escaping from their nursing box. Watch more cute escaping VOKRA foster kittens here! One of the main reasons adopted kittens are returned [More] We were tasked with the challenge of fostering and rehabilitating Speedo, an adorable and loving kitten who was diagnosed with Swimmer syndrome. This is a rare developmental deformity of newborn cats, whereby the hind [More]
home video
Hello Dr. Levy and Sonal! Facebook Version: Shelter Cats Got Talent…two adorable and funny kittens dancing synchronized to Lil Jon’s Turn Down for What! Please check out our brand new website! And subscribe [More]
Características Gato Maine Coon: El criador Javier Gómez nos cuenta de las caracteristicas que tiene el gato más grande en tamaño y más noble a la hora de interactuar con los niños.
Maine Coon Cat Information – The Maine Coon cat is among the most brilliant animals on Earth! The rumor is that that they sailed upon a ship from Europe and landed in Maine. Many [More]
this is chino and gizmo the rag doll kitties! 🙂 instagram: chinoandgizmo
Our new Persian cat loves our teacup poodles but he had to show them who was boss while they were alittle pre-occupied persian cat demanding for petting
My awesome cat Thunder !
Persian Princess Janelle (sporting a trendy lion cut again) is utterly terrified of Lugosi´s radar dish collar….. Nuffers: please go and search for “Janelle hates grooming” and watch the video first before making crappy remarks [More]
Part II: 7 week old traditional Persian kittens playing. Remember not to leave you kitty alone with toys like this 🙂 To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [More]
If I fits, I sits… Everyone knows that cats love boxes! … Here’s Cole and Marmalade’s guide to these feline favorites. I’m convinced that pet stores should dedicate an aisle or two to selling boxes [More]
Here’s the final collection video of my old LPS customs! 🙂 There are a bunch of customs that have already been sold that I forgot to show you in these but you can see them [More]
Even Shelby is not safe from him! MOAR Akinator! ? Play it HERE! ? Article on #DeadRaccoon ? Subscribe ? Twitter ? Stream ? Facebook ? T-Shirts ? [More]
You guys did this okay XD Merch: Follow Me: Twitter: Facebook Page : Vine: instagram: Snapchat: daz_black Headphones: Specs: Intel Quad core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60Ghz Ram: 8gb DDR3/1600mhz Video: Nividia GeForce GTX [More]
As you may know, I am guided by what people search for on a regular basis. Today I started typing in “Why does Onis…” and Shane, Cyr, DeeFizzy + Cats popped up in regards to [More]
Cats can be resistant to litter boxes, but a bit of training will change that. Discover how to lovingly assist your feline with this process & discover more tips for your furry friend:
Step into the big cat ring with Alexander Lacey as he shares behind the scenes footage of a training session from his perspective. You can see Alexander and his beautiful big cats live at Ringling [More]
Watch and learn how to get the latest looks for Fall 2012. Visit to locate a Studio near you.
Day two with my Papillon puppy Mango and it’s our first training session. Here I am teaching her to respond to her name, whilst “charging” the clicker, at the same time I’m “charging” a sound [More]
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You You want a Dog-like Cat, get an ‘Aby’ Abyssinian cats (“Aby’s) truly are very dog-like and Loyal. Very unique 🙂 Abyssinians must be one of the most intelligent animals ever created. Aby cats are [More]
?????? ????? – ?????. [Ashera (Cat Breed)] . ?????????????? ?? ????? ?????? ????? ?? ????? ??????: — ????: ?????? ?????, ?????? ?????, ?????? ???????? ????????, ??? 5