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Funny Kitten Videos of Annabel and Poe
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In training for the circus
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To some animals, #ZooEnrichment means testing one’s survival skills. For the fishing cat kitten born April 15, it means learning how to fish! A patient mother, Electra watches her kitten as it wades and pounces [More]
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Directed by Evan Erickson || Filmed by Tim Brown and Jeremy Stegman Filmed at Adopt-A-Cat no kill cat shelter and Bobby Ziegler/Jon MacPherson’s home in Spenard, Alaska. Pretty Birds that Kill is Bobby and Steffi. [More]
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Thank you for watching, Please comment, like and subscribe: POLLY is a georgous Maine Coon POLYDACTYL (two thumbs) on the front paws. (See other videos). POLLY est une Maine Coon POLYDACTYLE (2 pouces) aux [More]
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Best cats 2014
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Kitten Rescue cam
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Livin’ tha Dream! Happy Birthday Devon and Dustin!
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Slow and easy intro. Linux (4 months) met Siri (2 months) for the first time. She just arrived home and gotten a shower. She was in her play pen and Linux was given the freedom [More]
Linux & Siri learn to share the same bed and toys. We bought the Kong yellow duck small dog toy meant for small pets. This fits them really well and makes a cute squeek This [More]
Sometimes we just have to interrupt our dog training sessions and have a little fun with the other member s of the household, too:)
Awesome Epic Funny Random Viral Videos of a Snooty Cat
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I washed the dog and cat toys today, Munch, after not playing with them for months, decided he NEEDED one of them and dug it out!
What? You never heard of Caturday?
Da Moose:
From the cradle bars Comes a beckoning voice It sends you spinning You have no choice You hear laughter Cracking through the walls It sends you spinning You have no choice Following the footsteps Of [More]
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Dans cette vidéo, nous vous parlons des news à retenir (Resident Evil, Overwatch, etc.) et à ne pas retenir (Grumpy Cat, Alone in the Dark, etc.). Nous vous passons au crible le jeu Assassin’s Creed [More]
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Man Saved After Two Days in Pacific – Rescue Video Colombian fisherman saved after two days in Pacific Ocean A man has been rescued from the sea in Colombia after spending two days in the [More]
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Kitty was rescued on 11/5/14 in Sammamish, WA.
Ever wonder if you could outrun a mountain lion? The answer is – YOU CAN’T! Check out Ares cougar as he chases down our videographer in a golf cart, shows off his athleticism, and gives [More]
cat rescue – storm water drain My neighbor’s cat had kittens in the storm water drain so i went down to rescue them. It took 20mins to get the kittens out and then it took [More]
Memory (From “Cats”) The London Theater Orchestra The London Theater Singers ? 2014 Michele Records Released on: 2014-08-14 Music Publisher: DOCTOR BRASS MUSIC Auto-generated by YouTube.
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The Flex Kitten takes you through a calf workout per the request of her cat, Angus.
This is a brief view of Claude The Ninja Kitten, his super top secret ninja training camp.
This is a video of my adorable Savannah Cat/Kitten “Hera” She is a rare cat breed, and she loves to get massaged!! Appearance The Savannah cat is a relatively large breed of domestic cat. The [More]
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Pad Kee Meow, the first cat in the rat circus, at three weeks of training. Here are a few tricks we’ve been working on!
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Cute kitten “Bongo” was left in a box by the side of the road. The box was discovered by an old farmer called Jack (see previous video), Unfortunately 2 othe Heres the Kitten now: Cute [More]
Here is a video of a kitten who crawled up into the door jam of my car and got himself stuck. It was really bad as he could not get out. I Could not open [More]
I thought the “poor” kitten needed help… but … duhhh… I think I am the one who needs help … But please no one gets mad, we helped the fierce but cute kitty cleaned up [More]
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Pon Power Scandinavia offers a variety of Cat training courses, supporting all Cat & MaK owners in the use and maintenance of their engines.
I decided to film my cat doing this crazy training 😀
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It’s really funny you’ll love it!
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