Persian cat | Best surprise ever | White Kitty longhair with Blue eyes

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I would like to share my story with you. I’m one of the most obsessed people with cats. I’ve had a strong connection with them since birth. But my biggest obsession was always been a white longhair cat with blue eyes. The 27 years of my life I have always been in search of any cat and every time I founded that, there would have been always an obstacle: my mother who did not want to see cats at home, voluntary associations that always created problems with their requests and were never agreed to the adoption, people who agreed but were far away, people who were far away but asked for money for the “expedition”, people who were close and agreed but then disappeared and didn’t answer anymore. It was so for many years !! Until I found a lady who entrusted me with Lazy ?? Lazy was a very simple sweet cat who immediately stole my heart. I had to travel two hours to get it. And finally Lazy was mine. Two months later I had to leave my parent’s house to live with my husband outside Italy. We moved to Switzerland but Lazy was still small to be able to sterilize for taking her with me. And so I left her at my parent’s house. Again without a cat !!!!! I asked my parents to sterilize her for taking her with me in Switzerland but they got used to Lazy, they didn’t want to leave her. They told me to find another cat. So I started asking people again to adopt another cat, harder than ever. I almost lost hope to the point of paying for one as I wanted it. Even for a fee it was difficult to find. So another year was passed … I didn’t give up, I kept searching even though I was always expecting negative answers from people. My husband saw how I felt but he is not a type of surprises. I’ve never expected this surprise from him. As long as this day comed true. He has fulfilled my greatest dream. Thanks God I have you as my partner. My little cutie’s name is Minou ???? Welcome Minou, I waited a long of time for you ??? @minou.lady #persiancat #minou #catofswitzerland #vipcat #kittymodel #persiancatmodel #catsofinstagram #smoothiethecat #whitecat #blueeyescat #blueeyes #kitty #cat #cats #swisscat #switzerland #mylove #mycat #mysweethome


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