Persian Cat Personality – Persian Cat Temperament – Persian Cat

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The Persian cat is one of the most common exotic cat breeds
for people to keep as pets. The Persian cat is thought to
originate from the Persian area of the Middle East, which is today’s Iran.
Most Persian cat breeding is in the United States
The Persian cat makes a fantastic household pet as
they are quiet and good-natured. One disadvantage of
owning a Persian cat is they do need looking after,
mainly as the Persian cat has long hair, this needs
to be brushed regularly to stop it getting matted together.

The Persian cat is a medium-sized stockily built cat with
a rounded body and short limbs. The Persian cat often has
a fairly wide face with large eyes and a muzzle of longer
fur around it’s nose and mouth.

Due to its long silky fur, general appearance and calm temperament,
the Persian cat is one of the most popular breeds of
domestic cat in the world. Today, the Persian cat is
among the most common domestic cat breeds in the United States.

The Persian cat is an intelligent animal and enjoy human
interaction and companionship. Persian cats are also one
of the most long-living of all domestic cat breeds and
are often said to be a seen as family member by their owners.

Not Good with Kids: Persians aren’t the best choice for
a houseful of boisterous children and dogs, but they
have no objection to being the object of a gentle child’s
attentions or to rubbing along with a friendly dog
who doesn’t chase them or otherwise cause them anxiety.
Origin:Middle East
Average Size:60cm (2ft)
Average Weight:4.5kg (10lbs)
Average Life Span:19 years
Colour:Black, White, Fawn, Brown, Golden
Average Litter Size:4
Temperament:Intelligent, loving and affectionate
Scientific name: Felis catus
Lifespan: 15 years (Captivity)
Colors: black, blue, cream, cameo (red), smoke tortoiseshell and blue-cream smoke
High Maintenance: Frequent grooming is advised
to keep its coat in top notch shape. Besides
spending quality time, grooming will keep
the coat clean and healthy and will allow
you to check for serious problems.
Frequency should be daily.

Persian Cat PersonalityPersian Cat Temperament

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