Persian Cat Water Bowl Testing- review / documentary

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One old Himalayan cat and a Persian kitten test water bowls. The Nature Spa AVP with UV Sterilization, Whisker city foutain, Protocol bowl, Petmate Fresh Flow and a ordinary Fish Bowl. The cats will choose which one they like. We are hoping to get Purrcy the Shaded Persian to drink out of a bowl instead of the sink or shower, It is funny to watch him but we need a better bowl design. After this video he took his choice bowl the Nature Spa and pushed it across the floor. I wish companies would put rubber bottems on bowls so the can not be pushed by the cat or kittens. We like the Wisker City design because it gets the cats attention with the flowing water but when they drink the water it can hit the side of their face and pour all over the floor. So we have been using this large mouth fishbowl for our Persian cats and they seem to like it, it has a lot of room to put their flat faces in and it does not make noise or require a plug. We got the idea of the fish bowl for a water dish when they cats kept drinking the water from the Beta bowl.


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