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PetEdge ProSelect Cat Crate offers cozy containment solutions for your pets. This cat crate is not only a great way to protect your home from unwanted scratches, it’s purrrfect for litter box training or keeping you cat safe in new places. This is because the PetEdge ProSelect Cat Crate is easy to use. It’s special fold-n-go design makes it a breeze to travel with and they assemble in a snap. Also, just snap on the PetEdge ProSelect Hanging Bowls and Coop Cups to conveniently give your kitty his own dining room. PetEdge ProSelect Cat offers a roomy and dynamic place for a cat naps and a play area for your kitty, and can help you crate train a cat. If you’re new to cat training and raising a cat, you’ll quickly learn that this cat crate will become your new best friend. At, you’ll find a PetEdge ProSelect Cat that suits your needs and more paw-sitive crate training tips to help your kitty become the best feline friend out there. This innovative design will keep him entertained and secure. It’s one of the select cat supplies that connects your kitty to chase after their wild feline side. PetEdge ProSelect Cat Crate features three perches that can be positioned at a variety of heights, and also two doors for easy entry and exit. But, you won’t have to worry about your curious cat finding its way out the door, this special cat crate design also includes spring-loaded latches so even the most cunning cat won’t escape, and the rounded edges will keep him safe while you’re away.
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