PetSmart Presents: Roger the Cat tests toys!

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Cats are fun and frisky and love to play. It’s a natural part of their prey instinct and “hunting” is a great way for them to exercise, especially for indoor cats. But what cat toys really get them purring? Roger, a 3-year-old rescue kitty, to the rescue! With the help of his human, Mark from PetSmart, to explain how things work, Roger explores three new cat toys available from PetSmart. From random motion feather toys to treat dispensing toys for cats, Roger checks out some fun new ways to keep cats occupied. Me-WOW!

Petlinks® Foxy Frenzy™ Cat Toy:

KONG® Cat Roller Treat Dispenser Cat Toy:

Petstages® Grass Patch Hunting Box Cat Toy:

Cat Toys:

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