Phoenix interstate cat rescue goes viral

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He’s being called a hero for stopping his car and saving this bleeding cat stuck on the I-17

It is a cat rescue in Phoenix that has gone viral.

Richard Christianson said he was driving along Interstate 17 near the Glendale exit Thursday when he saw a cat stuck on the ledge of the freeway up against the fence.

Christianson said he first made sure it was alive, driving around the side street parallel to the interstate.

He recorded the moments, saying at one point, “Oh my God, he’s still alive!”

Christianson eventually found his way to the cat.

“He’s scared as hell,” he said in the video.

The American Curl cat began meowing almost as soon as Christianson approached. Christianson’s video shows the cat bleeding from the mouth.

“This poor little thing, it’s frightened,” he said in the video.

Christianson said he had seen the cat near the Glendale exit for a while, but when his calls to authorities went unanswered for too long, he had to do something.

“Finally, I just said ‘I got to get this cat,'” he said.

Christianson’s recording tugged at the hearts of thousands from around the world on his Facebook page.

“Never in my mind, in my whole wildest dreams, I would’ve ever thought this would’ve happened,” he said.

Christianson gently wrapped the cat he has affectionately named “Freeway” in his shirt, put him on the floor of his car, and drove it to the Arizona Humane Society.

Bretta Nelson, a spokesperson for the Humane Society said vets categorized the 2-year-old as severe trauma.

“He appeared to have a burn in his front leg, blood crusted to his nostrils, his jaw had been severely injured,” Nelson said.

Nelson said Freeway had surgery as soon as he got in.

Nobody knows how Freeway got on the freeway, but when he was reunited with him later, those heart wrenching cries were gone.

“Everybody is calling me a hero and I am no hero,” Richardson said. “I’m just doing what everybody else should be doing.”

Nelson said Freeway is still banged up, but recovering in a foster home before he can be adopted. Nelson said they’re already compiling a list of potential adopters.

Christianson said he has a house full of furry four-legged friends at home and might not be able to take another one in.

“I don’t know, Freeway is growing on me,” he said.


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