Poor kitten has water on his Brain with little chance to survive ,But She has a new chance to live!

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Poor kitten has water on his Brain with little chance to survive, But She has a new chance to live!.
Zeke poor little kitten had water on her brain and defective legs, who no one was interested to give her chance to other life!.
But Nancy Lynch – in conjunction with Kaley’s Place Rescue. Decided to adopt Zeke.
She adopted Zeke and posted his photos on Social media, and it this way she learned about “Super Heroes Animal Hydrocephalus Society”.
Super Heroes Animal Hydrocephalus Society Helps animals who born with water on the brain Head, Began to rescue Zeke from his sick, and their journey started from Texas.
Zeke was well treated.
And best of all, at Super Heros Animal Hydrocephalus Society he made a great friend, the cat Superhero who was born with the same brain affliction as Zeke.
Zeke has been lucky, And he has a new chance to live!.

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