Poor Kitten Lives With Two Eyes Infection and Injured Legs

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Miw Gomennasai is an animal lovers, she found a poor kitten who tried to move with injured legs and two eyes infection in a pagoda of Nakhon Pathom, Thailand but she can’t help anything.

The kitten was less than a month old but she was suffered with this poor condition even she won’t have spent life alone.

Miw Gomennasai has posted the story to Facebook to find rescuers to help the poor kitten while she was in very horrible condition.

Next few hours the little kitten was sent to the vet for being treated but it’s really breaking her soul because of she’s in severely infections.

After 20 days of treatment her condition is improved, the wounds on her face have gone and she’s adopted.

She has gotten a better life in new loving home forever.

Courtesy: Miw Gomennasai


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