poor kitten rescue| kitten was waiting for help in a factory | By Animal's Cottage – Rescue Center

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A person told us about a kitten who was living in paper press factory. After 45 mint of finding.at last, We saw a tiny & weak kitten that was finding something. Maybe she was finding food. Person who works in the factory said that it would be dangerous for the kitten to stay here because the food she is getting here is not enough for her health. Anyways! We wanted go near her and give food but if she hid under the cabin or any machine we would have difficult getting her out because she is little scared. Her lazy style of walk told us that she was very weak and could very dangerous condition. She smelled food again and again, but she was not eating. She is looking 2 month+ old kitten. might be She could not grow up due to lack of food. When we went to Vet. He said that She was suffering in fever. She was not eating due to Fever. After proper treatment & hard working of our team members, We succeeded to save her life. She started to eating………
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poor kitten rescue| kitten was waiting for help in a factory | By Animal’s Cottage – Rescue Center


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