Ragdoll Cats Receive Supercat Plush Catnip Toys for Review

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SuperCat Plush Toy Yeti Duo with Play-Activated Catnip Spray

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Floppycats says:

Ragdoll Cats Receive Supercat Plush Catnip Toys for Review – ?? – ????? –

kokobo63 says:

Koko hates water so much, that all I have to do is shake a bottle, any
bottle, and he runs. If he’s on the counter and I turn on the water, he
runs also. I think he was abused before I got him. He’s always been scared
of water. I used to have a cat that would drink the water as I squirted it
out of the bottle, in the same way a dog drinks from a hose. Then I had
another cat who would drink directly from the faucet.

Instead of a catnip spray, I usually just put catnip on my hand and rub it
all over the toy. As far as I know, it’s not dangerous for them to eat it,
and the quantity isn’t that much anyway. But boy do they go nuts
afterwards. It didn’t look like the spray was as potent as pure catnip, but
maybe you’re right, and it takes awhile to take effect.?

64BBernard says:

Chiggy is a furry chicken – just like Snowball was during thunderstorms. Is
Chiggy frightened of thunderstorms, too? Charlie doesn’t seem too
interested in the fur toys – perhaps you should stuff them with cheats!?

HGL Lucky says:

Real question is, did these toys ever go missing for a period of time?
Thats how I know my cats love their toys. I have 6 little catnip mice
around the house somewhere, eventually I find a cat playing with one. Which
usually means I have to snatch it up to see if they have destroyed it to

The crinkle catnip butterfly and feathered catnip seahorse that never move
that I know they don’t like. I always know where those two are.?

mary Dean says:

oh thats why she freaks over sprays….. duh I use to spray Miah to stay
off counters, worked great but explains why she runs at sight of windex

patricia mcdermott says:

lol.. charley is like “toys or cheats, toys or cheats.. umm, i think

sasbodyguard says:

well has the catnip toys worked yet??

Pannolino Pets says:

I couldn’t stop looking at Trigg with his butt on his perch and his feet on
the floor – so cute!?

ali hatami says:

why don’t you ever say hi when you start the video??

Cindy Bradley says:

Hey Phoebe, Love your video’s of your “Ragdoll Boyz”! I was curious how old
each one is including Caymus? And, are any of them related? Also, I was
wondering about “Rags”? Would you mind telling what happened to him? If
you do, I very much understand since I lost 1 of my boys a little while
back and miss him tremendously!! Thanks, and keep the videos coming.
Love You and your “Ragdoll Boyz” ! P.S. How is it going with the frozen
mice? Are they eating them yet??

patricia mcdermott says:

charlie.. sorry, hate when i do the wrong spelling..?

Floppycats says:

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