Rescue a paralyzed kitten who was beaten and left behind on the roadside to die slowly

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Rescue a paralyzed kitten who was beaten and left behind on the roadside to die slowly
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Rescuers received a rather shocking report about poor kitten with hind legs problems who was unable to stand up and really in terrible state .
A local resident said: This kitten was beaten, then he ran away until he was paralyzed.
He had spent his sorrowful life on the streets without treatment even he tried to drag himself to move so hurt.
After a quick clean up and some warm puppy milk but he wouldn’t eat the food we gave his with low appetite and unable to eat on his or his own.
After finally getting his who they named Mbak Gading
He’s right now in a box on the way to the clinic.
He will for tests, surgeries and Xray which requires lots of cost to support his medical bills.
He had a broken pelvis and a broken stomach. So he cann’t poop and pee
It’s sad that his back legs were disabled
His condition tonight is still critical and weak. the temperature is low 35.5C
After a long treatment, Mbak Gading made it and regain his strength
Mbak Gading has been through so much at a very young age. He is recovering physically, but he needs to also recover psychologically and emotionally.
But even with all the pain that has been caused to his by a monster, he is slowly learning how to trust again.
His life was absolutely suffered but he won’t stop fighting even though his back legs were disabled he’s still in love and care from many animal lovers.
he started his happy life forgiving forgetting all who hurted him and what he went through.
You can help they care for more dogs like this poor dog by donating for them by the link in bio in this video
Information Credit for all Rescuer & Donation please support them to Rescue more puppy if possible. You can contact them as below:
Bank Mandiri :
Sarana Metta Indonesia
WA: 081212121935
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