Rescue Baby Kitten has Back Legs Aren't Working But Can't Stop Him Running

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Rescue Baby Kitten has Back Legs Aren’t Working But Can’t Stop Him Running

“Ugh my poor baby fruit ? Not really sure what’s going on with him. His back legs aren’t quite working the way they should be and they’re pretty tiny. He can still move them but he can’t hold his body up with them. He can’t really control his bladder or bowels either so I’m getting concerned but he’s eating, in great spirits, and gets around pretty well!
Lil Baby Fruit did amazing at the vet today! ? (except when he peed on the vet lol). We have some good news and some bad news. Good news is that his condition is NOT caused by a spinal cord injury or bone deformities. But the bad news is that we don’t really have an answer yet or a way to help because we don’t know what’s wrong. The vet was leaning more towards the neurological issue side since his X-rays looked fine but his legs muscles are underdeveloped. So we have an appointment on Thursday with a neurologist to get some more help! Yay Baby Fruit!…”

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