Rescue Little Kitten Dying on the Middle after Being Hit by a Car

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It’s a footage video from a CCTV car camera. Re Va has spotted this little kitten on the middle road while he’s driving. The poor little kitten was dying in terrible injuries after being hit by a car…

Re Va immediately stopped the car and picked up the poor soul. Full of her body covered by horrific wounds and she’s almost died. She’s now undergoing treatment in the vet hospital.

We pray for her to get fully recovered and get back to beautiful life in a sweet family never back to suffer again. She needs our prayers, please join us to pray for her…

Thank you so much Re Va for picked up this little sweetie from the middle road and took to a vet hospital. Without your love and help, she would likely not have survived another day…

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Courtesy: Re Va #animalstep #dogrescue


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