Rescue Lonely Kitten Was Waiting For His Death | Happy Ending | Animal's Cottage – Rescue Center

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We received a call from a factory. Person told us about a kitten who was alone and injured…He told us that a motorcycle had passed over his leg
which caused a huge wound on his leg and he was having difficulty walking. After 20 minutes drive. We reached at the factory. We asked about kitten. They said that kitten was behind the door. There was a tiny and weak kitten. He was looking scared that’s why he was hidden from people. I tried to catch him but he was running away due to fear. We gave food for lure him. At first he was a little farther away but as soon as he smelled it he came closer to the food.And he started to eat quickly. The way she ate told us
she had been very hungry for some time. In a few minutes he finished his food…Then we tried again to catch him And we succeeded. There was a huge cut on his leg. Then We went to Hospital for his medical checkup. Vet was trying to heal him without surgery as a first option. They were washing his leg with special type of liquid and put injection for painkiller. the Vet gave us medicine to put on his wound at home but we felt kitten was not recovering. After 2 days, Vets went to the second option that was surgary. After surgery We felt he was recovering fastly . we wanted to see him
as a real big cat in our shelter But…………………..

rescue cat who was injured | injured cat asking for help

rescuing terrified poor kitten | rescue kitten calling mom loudly

rescued a very angry cat with broken leg and in very bad condition

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Rescue Lonely Kitten Was Waiting For His Death | Happy Ending | Animal’s Cottage – Rescue Center


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