Rescue of a blind kitten found alone on the side of the road

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I was walking my dogs yesterday morning when I saw her from a distance – well, not me really, it was my dog Pela that saw her first.
She was there on the side of the road, about to cross, when a man stepped in front of her and stopped her. So tiny, and so fragile and so alone. Those kittens are so alone.
Who knows where she came from? In Greece there are millions of strays cats, millions of kittens like her being born every day, and very few of them survive. How did she end up there? We’ll never know.
Maybe her mother died and she started looking for food, for warmth, for a safe place to hide from the traffic and the cars and the noise. Maybe some kids got her for a while, walked a couple of blocks, played with her and then left her alone and unable to make her way back. Maybe her mum gave birth in a garden or a yard and the owners got rid of the kittens.
Pela wouldn’t leave her side, as if she knew. She used to hate cats, but after I rescued Sunny and Pamuk, she has been sharing a home with them, she nurtured them and kept them clean and warm, and her experience now says that this is what we do with kittens.
I carried Ruby back home, in my arms. She didn’t even budge. After she was fed and relieved from the fleas, she relaxed and slept for hours. At some point she was even dreaming. She was dreaming of breastfeeding. Somewhere out there, there is a stray cat that gave birth to her, and fed her, and raised her. Who knows where she is now, if she is still alive.
Since yesterday evening, Ruby is in the best hands. Katie and Mariana will be caring for her, they are our eldest and most experienced volunteers. Mariana finally managed to clean her eyes and her nose, and there is a chance that Ruby is not completely blind. She is being fed with a syringe and she is on antibiotics. She is a fighter, I believe that she will make it and thrive.
If you wish to follow her progress you can visit the SCARS facebook page here. Ruby will be treated and will up for adoption once she is healthy and vaccinated. Donations are more than welcome:
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