Rescue of a feral kitten trapped inside a stone wall

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I was in Mani, Greece for a few days, visiting the local shelter. I could hear the kitten crying for about 24 hours on the second floor of a traditional tower house of the 19th century, and as the hours went by it sounded more desperate and its family more concerned. It seemed to be trapped under the wooden floor, which can easily happen, but we couldn’t see it. We left food around all the openings, hoping that the smell would lead to the exit, but that didn’t work.When Yannis arrived with a ladder the next morning, we realized that it was actually inside the wall, trapped between the stones, unable to move. I had to cut the video very short, but it took two hours of hard work in 40 degrees Celsius, to remove stones and make a big enough opening in the wall for Yannis to put his hand in an grab it. The family is feral, and it lives around this neighborhood, where the owners of the tower house provide them with food and water. The mum will be caught and spayed, and so will the four babies, once they are old enough. Congratulations to the owner who immediately responded and sent Yannis with instructions to do whatever it takes to remove the kitten alive. Check out this amazing place:
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