Rescue Poor Cat extremely malnourished and severely dehydrated | Heartbreaking

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Rescue Poor Cat extremely malnourished and severely dehydrated | Heartbreaking

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My heart is breaking! Last week when we got home from work this little guy was in our driveway…he had gone as far as he could. He could barely walk or lift up his head. His fur was so matted on his back it was as hard as a turtle shell. The weight of that was more than his body weight. When I picked him up he was nothing but skin and bones. All he wanted to do was be held. I don’t know if cats cry but it looked like he was crying when I held him. He was definitely asking for help. We fed him for the next few days and he seemed to gain more strength each day. Yesterday we took him to the vet. He’s a really sick little guy. They removed the hard mat of fur on his back and his behind which is why he’s bald in the photo. He’s extremely malnourished and severely dehydrated. His mouth and teeth are very infected, some are broken, and he needs some teeth extracted. We are giving him fluids by injecting under his skin twice a day. We were not really cat people but this is a living breathing animal with feelings.

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