Rescue Poor Cat with Full of Fluid in Her Abdomen For A Happy Story with a Sad Ending

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Rescue Poor Cat with Full of Fluid in Her Abdomen For A Happy Story with a Sad Ending
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This poor cat was found in a very bad condition and she had a large swollen belly.
At first they thought that this cat was pregnant, then they waited for it to be born…it got bigger. There was definitely something wrong even though the cat was looking happy and it seemed as if nothing had happened…. Hopefully as soon as possible to
As soon as NSN a local dog rescue group in cikarang Indonesia heard the story.
Rescuers rushed to take him to a vet hospital for getting medication.
Vets had drained a 6 kilos of fluid from her belly but she’s still in rough shape. She is in critical condition right now
Caper wake up and the balloon is gone. Caper are getting better, said the doctor. No liquid has come out anymore.
Caper can’t hold on. Yesterday after the surgery he was in good condition. Then suddenly Caper left…Over time it is infected with bacteria, this can cause bacteria to enter the blood, as a result of which many bacteria will stray in the heart. This may / may cause sudden cardiac arrest…
Thank you to everyone who believe that the abused , abandoned , injured and unwanted animals do deserves to live on the same planet we live in and believe that they also them just like everyone of us:
Information Credit for all Rescuer & Donation please support them to Rescue more puppy if possible. You can contact them as below:
For help us help animals 2913143108 BCA Natha Satwa Nusantara Yayasan
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