Rescue Poor Kitten Abandoned in Wet, Aloned, Attacked by Crown to Injury Brains | Heartbreaking

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Rescue Poor Kitten Abandoned in Wet, Aloned was Attacked by Crown to Injury Brains | Heartbreaking

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A little kitten.. he got a name Max… Only weights 300 grams ? broke my heart today…? He has some problems with his head as it’s tilted and he has some trouble breathing because a crow probably damaged his lung… He is just not strong enough to handle anesthesia so it would be a miracle if je survived ? I hope he gets a bit stronger so that he can get surgery… I have seen so much in my life but that people can just pass by and see a kitten that’s being attacked by crows and not do anything, a kitten that’s just given up I haven’t seen that yet… I cried like a baby today…. He got an IV and antibiotics… I am syringe feeding him bit by bit with royal recovery food and nutri paste and a bit of water… He is sp tired of life and he only started living… I’ll do my best to save him… Tomorrow we’ll go to the vet again.. And thank you everyone who can help us… I don’t know what to say anymore…
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