rescue skinny and sick kitten | poor kitten was close to dying | Rescued By Animal's Cottage

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Hey Guys! Thanks for coming to our Channel. Friends! We are Rescuing Homeless and Stray pets. You can see our work on our channel. In this Mission, we want some moral & free support from you all. Please support us from Subscribe Our YouTube Channel ,Like Our Page And Follow on Instagram & Twitter.
We received a call from a chicken shop. The shopkeeper told us about a kitten who was alone and passing by his shop. We have already rescued a kitten “Andy” from his shop some days ago. He got my number that day and then today he called me. Shop is 7 to 9 minutes away from our center. Shopkeeper told us “The kitten was about to come under car. And if driver hasn’t pushed the brake, the kitten would have died in an accident.Then we started the journey of love with eating Delicious food. We went to Clinic for Medical examine. The Vet said that he has some symptoms of calicivirus. There were some blisters on his tongue. Then I understood why He was inactive since yesterday. He was dehydrated too. We were going to the our country’s biggest Govt. Pet’s hospital every day for his treatment. Special thanks to those who trust us and help us to heal this innocent. After the hard work of our team, We finally defeated Calicivirus and Kitten has Recovered completely. Then He has been Vaccinated after 10 days of deworming….
kitten was waiting for help but people ignore her

poor kitten rescue| kitten was waiting for help in a factory

kitten crying for mom | abandoned kitten rescue

[update] kitten crying for mom|abandoned kitten rescue
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rescue skinny and sick kitten | poor kitten was close to dying | Rescued By Animal’s Cottage


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