Rescue The Abandoned Kitten Crying At The Trash Cans | Sreet Cat Rescue

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? We saw the cat by the road when it was raining. The poor little cat cried because she got lost. I made a rescue and took him to the bath and fed him and then played with other small cats
We adopt unwanted cats and make them a new home. If you know any situation of abandoned cats or you can not raise your cats, please send us the information.
“Rescue The Abandoned Kitten Crying At The Trash Cans | Sreet Cat Rescue”
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Welcome to Woa Mew !
Woa Mew is the home of dynamic and lovely cats!
These are cats I have adopted since they were kids, so even though it’s a bit difficult, I will record their adorable moments as a souvenir.
Every passing day is a great day for me because I witnessed the colorful life of these cats.
From Cats eat, cats sleep, Cats bathing, game cats and even biting are all funny, humorous stories to start a new day full of energy.
I did with my cats to do a lot of things: toys for cats, Crafts for cats, diy kitty clothes, make Cat costume, meal for cats, Cats travel
If you are also curious about the lives of Kitten, let’s follow Woa Mew to see if my Kittens are anything special.
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