Rescue The Cat Trapped In A Watermelon … This Is The Master's Evil Joke | Great Shelter

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Rescue The Cat Trapped In A Watermelon … This Is The Master’s Evil Joke | Great Shelter

I came home from working in the fields. My house is not far from here, so I often walk. I’m going over a small bridge so I’ll show it to you. GOD, WHAT IS THIS. Who left the cat here in this dire state. There was not much water in the river, fortunately the cat did not fall into the river. What should I do? Nobody is here. The cat had probably been left here for quite some time, so the cat was exhausted. I tried to pull the cat out of the melon but with great difficulty. I’ll take the cat off the bridge to a safer place. I’ll quickly get the cat out of the melon. I’m really sad with someone’s joke. The cat is trembling with cold. Very cold weather. I need to bring the cat home now.

While drying the fur for the cat I cook the food for it. I cooked pork because maybe the cat was too hungry. The cat ate very well. That’s very wonderful. I cooked the meat very soft, the cat ate it very easily. I feel so lucky to have saved the cat before bad things happened. Thank you all over the world for watching this video! Thank you everyone for listening to my story!



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