Ricky Gervais Says He’s Leaving His Fortune To His Cats!

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Ricky Gervais loves his cats so much he told our camera guy that when he dies he’s leaving them everything but is he joking? Click ‘SHOW MORE’ for related content…

There’s A Cat Worth 140k https://youtu.be/xpNQLrGKeQg

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heyitsmejason1 says:

Meow,now give me my money?

bloody heart15 says:

Was that guy in the latest night at the museum movie? His accent sound

shadowlee02 says:

Ofc he’s joking……he doesn’t have a fortune to give .?????

king worldstar says:

Who the fuck gives money to cats?

ChimeraProd says:

anyone know what sunglasses those are hes wearing??

jootai says:

i hate tmz pls ban me?


“dear intelligent people of the world, don’t get shampoo in your eyes. It
really stings. There. Done. Now stop fucking torturing animals” Ricky

toffee carper says:


IraHayesIraHayes says:

Does anyone else notice that guy harvey trying to be gay but not pulling it
off? ?

trotter73ca says:

Anna needs a good pounding?

Ian Clark says:

It’s crazy he is big in the US, he is like a c-list celeb in UK?

Bill Nichols says:

fuck off?

Kuush Kinng says:

Like anybody had heard of you guys lmao jk :D?

Chandler Stovall says:


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