Savannah Cat Massage

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This is a video of my adorable Savannah Cat/Kitten “Hera” She is a rare cat breed, and she loves to get massaged!!

The Savannah cat is a relatively large breed of domestic cat. The rule is that the higher percentage of Serval blood the cat has, the bigger it is. Thus, it is not unusual to find F1 Savannah cats for sale measuring up to 30 cm from head to tail and weighing in at 15 to 20 lbs.
F1 Savannah cats for sale are either 50% Serval (with Serval and domestic cat parents) or more (with Serval and Savannah cat parents). On the other hand, F2 Savannahs are typically smaller, considering that their lineage leans more towards domestic. Still, whether F1 or F2, the Savannah cat is just slightly larger than a domestic cat.
Apart from its size, the most distinctive feature of the Savannah cat is its trademark spots, evidence of its Serval lineage. The Savannah cat also has distinctive “teardrop” markings on its face, specifically around the eyes, giving its face an exotic, mysterious look.
The ears are large and characteristically round, a feature that is present in Savannah kittens. The size of the ears is material to the cat’s keen sense of hearing, which enables it to hear its prey from a far distance.
Known for their beauty, Savannah cats are gracefully built, well-balanced, and having long tapering legs. The neck is long and slender, the tail long at about three quarter of a foot.

The Exotic Rare Breed Savannah Cat
Gifted with the exotic beauty of the spotted wild African serval but with the gentle temperament of your typical household cat, the Savannah cat is a relatively new breed, produced from a cross between an African Serval and a domestic cat, which hybrid lineage explains the paradox that surrounds the breed.
The Savannah cat is considered a very rare breed as there are currently very few Savannah cats in existence. With demand for these exotic beauties quite high, what litter of Savannah kittens Savannah cat breeders are able to develop quickly run out.
Savannah cats for sale are products of hard labor, seeing as how it is very difficult to breed a Serval with a domestic cat. While there is typically no trouble breeding a Serval with another Serval, the problem occurs when breeders try to pair up a Serval with a domestic cat. This should help explain why the Savannah cat is an expensive breed to purchase. It also sheds light on the high rarity index of Savannah cats in the world.


Rick Johnston says:

This is not Zeus is it?
Maybe a new Cub/Kit??

Sassy Cat says:

Is she able to have run of the house with Zeus being out? It would seem
that she is too small and needs to be separate from Zeus unless you are
actually watching them together. I hope she is not living in a bathroom
all day that seems a bit lonely and sad to me. ?

fawk cku says:

my kitten is just like that. meows and stares when I pet him and climbs on
me lol. he’s Russian Blue & Abyssinian hybrid. ?

mrthorwahl says:

The boobs are too distracting.?

wellahlookyhere says:

All of Hera’s new vids are old. Zeus must have hurt or killed Hera and She
won’t tell the truth about what happened. Maybe the Zeus vids are old also
and she had her cats taken from her. I wish she would just say why Hera’s
vids aren’t current.?

SIG442 says:

awws, so cute :)?

Mad9977 says:

what a cutie =)?

Nessa F says:

Wow it’s so playful!!?

thalonelygirl says:

Oh I desperately wanna pet her!?

TheRealRandyChavez says:

Dahhh it’s so cute!!!?

AbdoRyudamon says:

This is why aliens are thinking about coming to Earth :D?

Jeremy McElwrarth says:

Sooo cute. XD I love the little mews.?

ForcedToSignUp says:


nerdy tomboy says:

Do you have 2 cats now??

D Weenie says:

This must be an old video..?

melly kidd says:

Such a cutie!?

Bitey Button says:

Hello cutie kitten >^.^

n0t5ur3 says:

Cutest thing I’ve seen all day :)?

SuperRillus says:

she is magnificient ?

hustlin5010 says:

She’s so cute she looks like my bad ass tabby kitten?

funky munky says:

yeah, just you wait till it starts sprayin’ the tits out of you!?

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