Shanice the little stray kitten rescue

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Little Shanice was found in a sports hall trapped inside according to sports students and was crying extremely loud for any sign of help. Highly likely it called for it’s mother whom she got separated with because she was super hungry. I couldn’t stand the noise nor an animal in need and quickly took the poor thing and decided to bring it back home with me. It was a really cold morning and the kitten itself must have been really cold but taking it with the buss home was no option so I called my mom and as the angel she is she cam to help me out! We got home fed the kitten and then called an organization called “the blue cross” they are an animal shelter that really tries to get all their felines and canines adopted and so the future seems bright for little Shanice!

Shanice was named after my name, when coming home it was a surprise to see that they had called her my name , that’s really kind.
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