Siamese Cat Facts

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Welcome to our Siamese Cat Facts video, one helpful and handy Siamese Cat Facts video that is crammed full of information on this great cat breed.

Siamese Cat Facts video content:
Cat Breed: Siamese.
The Siamese comes with a look of graceful elegance about it at all times.
They are a stunning cat breed.
It is well documented that similar cats have been seen over hundreds of years in Thailand, previously Siam.
They started to appear in the West in the nineteenth century, when they were exhibited at the Crystal Palace Cat Show, London, UK.
The breed has contributed too many other breeds including the Balinese, but the Siamese is a natural breed.
The breed are recognized by all cat associations.
The breed are very talkative and very opinionated! They can be loud with the expectation you will do what they are telling you.
Origin: Thailand
Life Span: 11 to 15 years
Colour: Blue, chocolate, lilac-point. Siamese come in many different point colours and patterns, including tabby points and smoke points.
Siamese Cat Facts: Personality
Siamese can be classed as lap cats you just need to sit down and they are there in your lap.
If you are at work all day then consider getting a pair, they do not enjoy being on their own
Siamese Cat Facts: Children and Other Pets.
An ideal cat breed for the family home, that really enjoys playtime.
This cat breed is highly intelligent, keep their mind busy with various puzzle toys, teaser toys and a big cat tree.
Don’t let them become bored and look for things to do, they will find other interests that you wish they had not found!
The Siamese will get on with other pets, dogs should be cat friendly.
Siamese Cat Facts – When introducing to other pets make sure it is carried out with adult supervision at all times.
A Siamese will get on well with children and thoroughly enjoys their company providing they treat it with respect.
Siamese Cat Facts: Health and Care
It’s worth noting that cat breeds, pedigree and mixed breed alike may come with genetic in nature health problems.
Siamese Cat Facts – The Siamese line has shown Amyloidosis, Asthma/bronchial disease and aortic stenosis.
Amyloidosis – Primarily affects the liver in Siamese, Asthma/bronchial and aortic stenosis a congenital heart defect.
Siamese Cat Facts – A brush or comb once per week will remove dead hair.
A daily brush of the teeth or if this is too much a weekly brush will help prevent periodontal disease.
Make sure the litter tray is clean at all times.
Siamese Quirky cat Fact: President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife were the gifted a Siamese cat in 1878, given to them by a U S diplomat stationed in Thailand.

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