Sick Kitten Receives Care | How We Care for a Sick Kitty

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Our Kitten is IMPROVING tonight. We have only had this little kitten for a week and he became very ill and stopped eating and would not drink water. He receives care from our family as his health improves. Kittens do not have much body weight or stored fat to get them through illness and it is important to keep them hydrated.

This is just a quick update to show how our kitty is healing up.


Frosty Life says:

We nursed our sick kitten back to health.?

Dishauna Kirksey says:

That’s good that he’s eating ^_^?

Victoria Moreno-Canuto says:

You’re so caring!
That’s wonferful!
I hope all your animals stay healthy and happy!

keep up the great work! ?

Mad9977 says:

Cats love the Laptop for the warmth that goes from it =) yes he looks way
more energetic now, well done =)?

Tereza F. Hanzlov√° says:

what kind of illness was it??

Kiss Rain says:

Good to hear he’s getting better! Him cleaning his paws on the computer is
just precious <3

LOL@ Kodah! He just wants to play! so cute! Great tip about the eye
dropper between the teeth!?

Tricia M says:

Brilliant Mason just a little more now little one! Aww Koda you are great
big brother and Sadie you too. Please give them all a cwtch from all of us!
Mason your Mum, Dad, sisters and bro want you back being you again. You
have good taste you know you chose your family well! Grow big and strong
like Koda and Sadie!!?

Octavia Alexander says:

Pulling for you Mason!! Koda almost made me cry what a sweet heart he is…
He loves his little buddy already. Keep up the good work and thanks for the
tips ?????????

kate summers says:

Awwe! I hope he gets better soon. I love how the two are bonding. ?

Jenifer Rega says:

What a lucky kitty to have the Frost family to take care of him!?

walt325 says:

This is a good sign, maybe Koda senses the illness has passed, Go the steak
house and get some meat scraps for him.?

nbaustin says:

I’m so glad you’re better Mason!?

bdparisi1 says:

Very happy he’s getting better !?

Mad9977 says:

ah good to hear =)?

Lapis Safeiros says:

Aww. Glad he’s feeling better. Still as adorable as ever! :)?

Sheila Bloom says:

I am so glad he is doing better especially after he was abandoned. I love
Kodah’s loving attention but poor Sadie must feel neglected. Mason is so
lucky to have adopted you guys. He is precious.?

jmboyd65 says:

He looks MUCH better. He may have caught what Kodah had or maybe had a
reaction to the shots (he had his shots, right?). It’s amazing how fast
Kodah took to Mason; cats can generally be very territorial. That’s a sign
of a well-balanced animal :).?

trogdorthe8th says:

You sir, have officially established yourself as a crazy cat lady, and I
love it! ;)?

65water says:

What a sweet little kitty. It’s so nice to watch this Video.?

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