SMART Chevron gas station kitten rescue

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A few nights ago, SMART responded to a Chevron gas station in Sylmar for kittens trapped somewhere between the walls of the convenience store of the station. Previously in the day, two kittens were rescued from the station but the LAAS officer that responded could hear the cries of at least one more kitten somewhere out of sight and reach.

Nett and Nav arrived and could hear the cries but could not make a fix on the location of the cries. The immediately, with permission from the station owner, began to drill small openings to insert an inspection camera to locate the kitten. The first opening made a sad discovery of a kitten not moving but the cries continued.

Several other openings were made at different locations near the sound of the cries but SMARTs inspection camera saw nothing. At one point, Nett and Nav had to drill through a metal wall to insert the camera but after dulling a few hole saw bits and breaking some drill bits, no kitten was located.

SMART was now almost 3 hours into the rescue operation and desperation was setting in.

A final opening was made, the camera was inserted and within seconds, the face of cuteness appeared. One more cut with a jigsaw and Nett pulled out the kitten.

The kitten was in good health and is now in foster care. If you would like information on fostering or adoption, the kitten will be at the East Valley Animal Shelter at 14409 Van Owen St.


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