SMART dual kitten rescue…again!

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SMART had another dual kitten rescue from two very unique tight spaces. The first kitten fell 10 feet down from an attic of a home in the Valley. The difficulty was that the kitten was behind a chimney making the grab impossible from the attic. After six attempts, on two hot days, (all made by Team Leader Nav) SMART decided to cut an opening on the outside of the home behind the chimney area. Hammer used every tool in the SMART arsenal along with two inspection cameras but the kitten (a grey female the team named “Wendy” after the girl who called) was still out of reach. It took some good ole home cooked chicken that finally lured the kitten with in reach for Nav to make the grab.

A week later, another kitten fell from the attic 10 feet down and ended up trapped between two walls. Once again, Nav entered the attic but this time was able to use SMARTs invention the “mini flex pole” to safely rescue the second kitten.

Nav picked the song “Demons” by Imagine Dragons for this rescue video because of the difficulty in the first kitten rescue. “This rescue was the toughest to date” he said. “It took two days, 7 hours total and 6 trips into a hot, dusty and dirty attic. I face my demons on every rescue but the ones where the animal is in a small out of reach place, always mess with my head. I would much rather ascend a 100 foot palm tree than attempt limited space rescues… I’m claustrophobic.”

These two cute, adorable kittens will be available for adoption along with more cute cuddly kittens and cats at the Los Angeles Animal Services East Valley Animal Shelter on 14409 VanOwen in Los Angeles this weekend for the “Cat-a-palooza Event” For more information visit


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