Smokey Cat Eyes

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Hello Bubbiful ones,

Long time no makeup tutorial (or video in general). Today, I’m excited to share this smokey cat eye tutorial with you all. I know it’s been a while so I filmed AND edited this video TODAY for you guys. I hope you enjoy! It’s been a looooong time since I’ve been able to do these two things together in one day.

I haven’t been wearing much makeup lately so it’s been great getting my grind on these days with this edgy look. This look is a pretty popular K-Pop look because it’s the perfect mix between glam and edge. The black contrasts beautifully with the gold giving you the perfect mix between glam and edge. Remember, you can switch the gold to any colour you wish such as a silver, copper or bronze.

Now that I’m back in Hong Kong again, I finally have access to my makeup and filming gear. I will aim to film as much as possible for you guys. I’ve been back in the UK for over 2 months sorting out our move for next year. It has been hectic (but very much fun) but I hope you guys will understand. We are very active on our vlog channel so don’t forget to subscribe if you miss us hehe.

Have an amazing day!!!

Love, your friend Bubz xo

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