Specific Characteristics and Special Personality of Tortoiseshella | Tortoiseshell Cat Breed

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People believe that tortoiseshell is a cat breed, but it is not. Actually, the word tortoiseshell refers to the coat color of the cat and this coat color can embrace any cat breed. Even though tortoiseshell is not cat breed, tortoiseshell cat usually has specific characteristics. Your cute cat is a tortoiseshell cat if she has black and yellow or black and orange coat. Tortoiseshell cat and calico cat looks pretty similar but calico cat usually also has white color between the coats while tortoiseshell cat doesn’t have white.
Usually, cats that have tortoiseshell are female cats. How could there are less male cats having tortoiseshell coat? It is because this coat colors’ code is on genes that are carried by female cats or the X chromosome. A future kitten which will inherit the X chromosome that carry black color from her mom and the other X chromosome that carries orange or yellow color from her dad will be a female kitten since it will get two X chromosomes.
Even though most tortoiseshell cats are female cats, there are some rare cases where male tortoiseshell cats get three chromosomes from his parent with two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome. What about the tortoiseshell cat personality? Is the coating color of a cat affects the temperament of personality of that cat? Below are some facts and information about the special personality of tortoiseshell cats.
Tortoiseshell Cat Temperament and Special Personalities
Well, any cat from any breed can be a tortoiseshell cat because of her coating color, but she can get special personality traits that are only owned by tortoiseshell cats. Almost all tortoiseshell cats usually are strong willed and feisty. Compared to the other cats, tortoiseshell cats usually are more dominant and louder. Besides, those tortoiseshell cats are also fiercely independent. Tortoiseshell cats are not negative cats, they also have some positive traits too like they love head rubs.
Are you planning to get one of those cute tortoiseshell cats? Tortoiseshell cat can come from any cat breed that’s including the America shorthair cat, British shorthair cat, Oriental shorthair cat, Persian cat, Siamese cat, Burmese cat, Turkish Van cat, color point shorthair cat, European shorthair cat, American bobtail cat, Japanese bobtail cat, Norwegian forest cat, Maine coon cat, Cornish Rex cat, Devon Rex cat, American curl cat, Manx cat, and also Somali cat. Just try to find one that has black and yellow or orange coating.


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