Sphynx ( Hairless Cat ) CARE 101- TIPS AND HELP FOR NEW OWNERS

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I made this to help new Sphynx owners or for information for those considering buying one. I do not like being on camera so please forgive my absence. Hope the video is helpful.


TabbyCat says:

where can you get the quick wipes, eye and ear cleaning stuff? also how do
you get your sphynx usesd to baths? ?

Marieclaire Fuller says:

I will be getting my sphynx cat in a few months. Can’t wate. Right now I am
continuing to do my home work. ?

Ayiesha Stewart says:

Is it true that Sphynx will leave brown oil marks on clothing,furniture,
bedding even if you bathe them regularly? Or does that only happen when
owners don’t keep up with with routine washings. I’m used to a high
maintenance breed (I have a persian) and I can deal with the upkeep of a
Sphynx but I dont think I can deal with unavoidable oil marks all over. I
really want one and thats the only thing keeping me from getting one. ?

Ellen Munsey says:


barrierps says:

I have 2 sphynx’s and a bambino, I have no real problem with them getting
dry skin. Over bathing them can dry out their skin, so only 1 time a week
bathing is necessary. If they do get dry patches, you can use baby oil gel,
or baby oil on a cu-tip for the area.

Pamela Barrier says:

They do groom and as I have several they do clean each other’s ears. But no
in general they do not clean their ears or body efficiently enough to get
them CLEAN, so weekly baths are crucial, and ear cleaning is very important
to keep them from getting infections in their ears which are quiet painful.
(This is barrierps on another account)

barrierps says:

No you have to clean their ears as they overproduce earwax unlike other
domestics. My sphynx’s/ bambino’s clean each others ears, but still they
must endure mom (me) cleaning their ears once a week. This is a must
otherwise they will be more likely to get infections.

Ducky Mantic says:

Sphynx cats aren’t hypoallergenic. Because they’re hairless they actually
make allergies worse. It’s the oils in the skin that cause an allergic
reaction. Sorry, I know you commented 8 months ago, but I just wanted to
let you know in case nobody has told you yet or you’re still considering
getting one or something.

scene513 says:

hey yes i am plannin g to get one, and if i get it as a kitten what could
you get to keep them from getting dry skin

mermaidnora says:

thank you, very good tips.

Ellen Munsey says:

Don’t Sphynx’s themeselves ond their own ears?

sagal ibrahim says:


barrierps says:

Another tip I forgot to mention, wipe the pads of their feet often to keep
litter from cementing in between the pads.

barrierps says:

Ducky is right, if you have cat allergies these cats are not the exception
to the rule. They are still cats, they still have dander and will cause
allergies to act up.

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