Street cat rescue before and after! Watch this sick and starving kitten grow up to be handsome!

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Amazing street cat rescue story, watch the before and after transformation. Watch until the end to see this sick kitten grow into a handsome cat! We found this sick and starving kitten on the streets of Sydney… Sharing Pizza’s story means the world to me.

When we found this kitten on the street, we knew immediately it needed help and had to do something. I had no idea how to rescue a kitten – it happened so unexpectedly and suddenly. He changed our lives and is my first cat! An elderly lady who saw us pick up the kitten told us ‘that cat just won the lotto!’ and the kitten was sitting in the same spot for 2 days.

Pizza had a very bad eye infection and thought it would have to be removed if it didn’t heal. He also had chronic diarrhea, no matter what we tried, he wasn’t getting better. We got a second opinion and tested at another vet – he was given tablets to get rid of worms, flea treatment and a boost injection of fluids. He only had just enough energy to lay down and lift his head. I was told to prepare myself that he might not recover… and we had many sleepless nights!

I’m so happy to have a healthy Pizza boy and able to share his story with you.

I learnt a lot about rescuing cats because of Pizza and continue to help other stray kittens and cats in local communities and hope our videos raise awareness that stray cats deserve a chance and have a lot of love to give!

Can we make Pizza the most liked cat on the internet? Follow along on our journey, with Luna too! Will be sharing in the next video how Pizza and Luna formed their friendship.

About us:
Pizza is the ginger boy and Luna is the grey girl. They are both rescue cats now living their best lives in Sydney.

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Adopt Don’t Shop and hope you enjoyed this video!

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