Street Kitten Rescue: Five Little Kittens in Danger

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A women found these little kittens under a fence at a parking. She couldn’t help them herself so she asked for help on social media. I went there the same day but found only 4 kittens. Then the mother grabbed one of them and carried her away to a different hiding spot. I followed her and found out where the missing kitten was. Unfortunetely I wasn’t able to get the 2 kittens out since they were behind thick glass so I took the first 3 and got them to the vet. I would come back the next days as often as possible but with no success. The mother would not hide them in a different spot. It would take 5 days until the next kitten was rescued and another 2 days until the last kitten was safed. Then the mother cat was trapped, sterilized and treated for a respiratory infection at a clinic. She was ferral so keeping her together with the kittens was not an option. After 10 days she was released. Meanwhile the 4 kittens where reunited at a temporary fosterhome outside of Moscow. Usually I feed them with Royal Canin Mother & Babycat wet and solid food. This time they got Purina Pro Plan Baby Kitten and later Hills Kitten Mousse Chicken & Turkey. They were treated for internal and external parasites. Three weeks later they were ready for adoption and I relocated them back to my place so I could show them to people who applied for them. Also I almost always bring kittens to the new home myself just to make sure that they end up in good hands. I needed a litle bit longer then 2 weeks to find families for all of them. Please check the community tab as I’ll upload photos and videos from their new homes there.

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