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Hey Guys! Thank for coming My Channel.I hope you are good. Friends! We’re working for Rescue Homeless and Stray Cats.You can see my work on my channel.In this Mission, I want some moral & free support from you all..Please support us from Subscribe My YouTube Channel ,Like Our Page And Follow on Instagram&Twitter.
Other thing is,I have many Animals & Birds in My Farm.You can also see their Interesting Videos on my Channel.I have Uploaded My Farm Video on Channel that you can see.I hope you will like my Videos.
Episode#1 : One night I went to give food my kittens(called as “Mano” & “Bella”).Suddenly i saw a cat in our farm..i think she was homeless.when i went to near her..she scard from me..she ran away from me…I put down plate of food where she was sit..I came back to some away..after short time..she came toward food…She was to much hungry..she ate food as he wanted………………
Episode#2 : In this episode, you can see Cat’s Funny playing scenes and you also known about her (What is her Good Name?).I hope you will Enjoy…
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